Airdrops, The full guide

Airdrops, The full guide
Airdrops, The full guide


In world of cryptocurrency, the term "airdrop" has become increasingly popular. But what exactly are airdrops, and how can you find out if its a true one or a scams? In this guide, we'll be explaining what they are, and how to find real paying ones.

šŸ”Ž Identifying true airdrops

No one can say for sure, but there are some key factors that you should look at, including:

  • Project credibility and popularity
  • Whitepaper and roadmap
  • Community engagement
  • Smart contract audit of the tokens
  • Partners and advisors

šŸ“ˆ What benefits the airdrop project?

You might ask your self what good does it have for the project owners to giveaway money in airdrop events? When it comes to blockchain and smart contracts, security, usability and the experience someone is going to have as a first time user is very important. so project owners need to minimize any risk and also do A/B testing for a lots of things before going live on the main blockchain network, so your help as a real human being who is going to interact with the testnet blockchain and working with early stage and buggy website environments is very helpful the the development process.

šŸ’» Participation in Airdrops

Some projects just need you to do some social tasks and enter you'r email and your good to go! while some others are much more complicated.

šŸš€ What is the mission?

More often than not, there is not going to be just doing like, follow, retweets. here are some sort of things participation typically involves, But if we are talking about a memecoin, things are different as they are based on community activity and social connections.

  • Swapping tokens on decentralized exchanges (DEX)
  • Stake and unstaking
  • Liquidity providing
  • DEX token swaps
  • Bridging assets
  • Mint, list, or trading NFTs
  • Interacting with different web3 applications
  • Casting votes on DAOs
  • Owning special NFTs which act as passport
  • Participation in meeting events

šŸ’ø Do you need to pay money to participate in airdrops?

Not all airdrops you come across are on testnets, but there some airdrop opportunities in which you only need to perform transactions on a testnet, meaning you actually wont have to pay any real money for completing the missions in such a case, and required funds are given to you using testnet faucets. In this case, you only got to have some free time to spend on tinkering with buggy beta environments and have some experience working with decentralized applications like adding custom networks to your wallet, and similar things.

šŸŖŖ What are OATs & Passports

Airdrop projects often award their users with special NFTs that act as a passport and give you previlege to receive crypto in future events. There are many campaigns that require you to own an special NFT to become eligible to join, so participants either earned them previously, or they are going to need buying one from other users on NFT marketplaces like element. And obviously, you can list and sell them for sale too if your not interested in using them yourself. (unless its a soulbond token which are not transferrable.)


NFT Badges - Earn Alliance

ā“ Where to find one?

After reading this article, we hope you know what you need to find best opportunities you might find to increase your crypto earnings and knowledge. Remember to checkout our airdrop listings as well as crypto income resources. We spend many hours researching, and we list projects that they are worth being mentioned. Even if you don't make it at first try, the experience itself can be valuable and memorable.

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