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A trusted top class PTC (Paid To Click) platform where you can earn free crypto by viewing ads, completing surveys and downloading apps on your mobile phone. Join CoinPayU and earn free crypto worth 2-50 $ every day.

How to earn free crypto on CoinPayU?

Here are a few type of things that pays a fair amount of money on this platform:

Viewing Ads

Simply click and view the ads the get rewarded with free crypto. three type of advertising are available:

Surf Ads (Passive Ads)

There are no rules to force you to keep watching or interacting with the ads. You can switch between the ads and keep doing your work while waiting for countdown to reach zero to get money.

Window Ads

Similar to Surf Ads, but not passive. This means you have to keep the tab open and focused until the timer reaches the end to get your free satoshis.

Article Ads

or articles market with 🟑 you get paid after the countdown. For articles with a ⭐ mark, you'll have to complete one of the following actions: View the image, visit one of the links inside or click the tag of the article.


Many tasks and surveys are available on the offerwall for you to complete and earn free satoshis. As you make progress and complete the tasks on offerwall, more profitable providers get unlocked for you.

CoinPayU - Offer Wall


There are free faucets available to claim hourly for 27 different cryptocurrencies, up to 4 times per day. The more activities you have, the more your claim value will be.

CoinPayU - Faucets
Account Upgrade
By upgrading your account, you get to claim up to 8 faucets per day. More importantly, no more capcha solving for premium members!


CoinPayU offers an amazing referral system where you can earn up to 50% referral commission (based on your membership type). Referrals will bring you commissions for a lifetime, whether they make a payment to publish ads or just claim the faucet. Also, other than getting referrals using your invitation link, you can buy them from other people on the market, or sell your referrals too!

Campaign & Contests

Don't forget to check out this page daily to see newly available contests and their prize pool.

Affiliate Leaderboard

By getting on top 3 of the leaderboard of affiliate marketers, you can get a decent cash prize.

Offer Leaderboard

Complete more tasks and offers and get the most points to reach the top 3 of the daily leaderboard to get a big cash prize.

Other Campaigns

To reward more users, CoinPayU launches some special campaigns from time to time, for example, there is an Article Campaign running at the moment. In which you can write a cool article and get crypto rewards of up to 60,000 Satoshi. Judges will vote for your article and for each vote, you get 10,000 Satoshi.

CoinPayU - Affiliate Leaderboard

Trusted, Legit & Paying

CoinPayU has more than two million numbers of successful withdrawal requests that have been paid out to users on their records.

CoinPayU - Proof of payments

How do withdrawals work?

Withdrawals can be made using the crypto of your choice, mini withdrawal amount and fee for each crypto can be viewed here.

FaucetPay Integration

This platform is integrated with FaucetPay Micropayment Wallet & Earnings Platform to facilitate your payout process and keep transaction fees at their minimum. Visit here to learn more.


Trusted, Top class PTC (Paid To Click) platform

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