Integration With Many Platforms Low Threshold & Low Fee Payouts Supports Many Crypto Types
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πŸ’΅ A Micropayment Wallet & Earnings Platform

A Micro-payments wallet and free crypto earning platform that is integrated with more than 600 crypto Faucet websites. FaucetPay helps you to receive your earnings more easily, faster, and with lowest fees possible.

πŸ’‘Key Features

Here are unique features provided by Faucetpay:

πŸ“ Faucet List

For each of the cryptocurrencies supported at faucetpay, there is an up to date list of faucet providers available. This list includes useful data like amount of payout users have made today, health of faucet, and a voting option which you can take part.

🎁 Login Reward Points

Just logging in your account everyday is enough to receive free Reward Points, keep this streak going on to get +1 more RP day after day, until you reach a maximum of 100 points a day.

🎲 Casino Gaming

Faucetpay provides players with some original in-house casino games. These games are classic casino games most of you already know, and important thing is, they are all provably-fair and each bet can be verified within the platform using fairness verification tool. Basically you have a list of best faucets available integrated right into the faucetpay, where you can play provably fair games with free crypto!

πŸ”„ Exchange / Swap

You can exchange each of the supported cryptocurrencies from / to another one instantly and with just one tap.

πŸ“Š Offerwall & Surveys

Here you can watch ads, fill out surveys and install apps on your mobile phone to get earn real high amounts of payments. Install a game on your phone for 2$ or fill a survey to earn up to 1.5$ in crypto of your choice! (100 USDP = 1 USDT)

πŸ‘€ Paid to Click Ads

A list of websites where you earn corresponding amount of money for viewing them until the countdown timer reaches zero.

πŸ“ˆ Pooled Staking

You can enjoy about 22% of annual returns on staking FEY tokens as a passive earning. Whats important about Pooled staking service provided by FaucetPay is the emergency unstake option which can be useful, howeve it means a penalty of 10% your staked amount and cancels out any staking rewards.

πŸ“’ Advertising

Advertising your crypto related project on sponsored listings (displayed above faucets list) can be a great opportunity as all FaucetPay users are intensly familliar with crypto. Also, you can promote your website on PTC section of faucetpay which will cost you much cheaper, PTC Ad prices start from 0.0007 USD, so 0.7 USD can get you up to 1000 views!

πŸ”‹Increase Your Earnings

🚰 Learn how to earn free Feyorra tokens

Explore the features and benefits of Feyorra free earning and faucet platform here:

🚰 Feyorra.top Crypto Earning & Faucet Review
Earn Crypto effortlessly and without initial investment with Feyorra.top, offering Manual Faucet, PTC Ads, and super easy shortlinks!

πŸ’°Earn Up to 400% Passive Rewards by Staking Feyorra

Learn about the best ways on staking your $FEYORRA tokens to earn the highest possible profits:

πŸ’° Earn up to 400% Passive Rewards by Staking Feyorra
Looking for a token with powerful potential and real-world use case, without any minimum buy limits? πŸš€ Stay tuned to find out about Feyorra! πŸ”

🎞️ See It in Action

Watch our video about FaucetPay to gain valuable insights about this platform:

πŸ™Œ Faucetpay Review - πŸ‘› Micro Wallet and πŸ’° Crypto Earning Paltform


Trusted Crypto Micropayment Wallet & Earnings Platform

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