Earn up to 400% Passive Rewards by Staking Feyorra

Feyorra ($FEY) Token Staking Review
Feyorra ($FEY) Token Staking Review

Looking for a crypto token with powerful potential and real-world use case, without any minimum buy limits? Read along to find out about Feyorra!

πŸ” What is Feyorra?

Feyorra (FEY) stands as the utility token for all projects affiliated with WALP Entertainment. As a stake-able token, FEY offers amazing profits returned, ranging from 4.1% to 410% depending on the staked amount. WALP Entertainment is creator of FaucetPay, A micropayments wallet with over a million of active users and already has crypto payouts exceeding $1.2 million in money earned for free through faucets.

🌱 Choosing Feyorra Staking

A great way to earn long-term passive income is to stake FEY tokens. the APR is unbelievable above the average APR on the market, and considering the relatively small total marketcap of the FEY tokens, potential for a increase in price of the tokens is very compelling.

  • Industry average reward rate for staking: 5.77%
  • Current reward for staking FEY: ~222.83% annually

πŸš€ How to Get Started?

There's two primary methods to start putting your money to work for you by staking FEY tokens:

πŸ’§πŸ’° Pool Staking at FaucetPay:

For those seeking to stake smaller token amounts without incurring Ethereum blockchain fees which as relatively high, pooled staking services offered at FaucetPay are the best solution. FaucetPay will collect smaller amounts of $FEY from different users, and then do the staking when the pool gets filled with enough tokens.

  • Great for smaller investments with shorter lock-in periods
  • No minimum staking limit
  • Option to un-stake anytime (subject to a percentage of penalty)
  • You can seamlessly swap any crypto of your choice to $FEY in one click
  • Rewards distributed to your FaucetPay wallet every 24 hours

πŸŒ±πŸ“Š Staking at Feyorra dapp

Stake your Feyorra tokens and earn a reward of 4.1% - 410% annually! This method is preferred for larger investments, and requires a little bit of technical knowledge as it works using smart contracts.

  • You need to purchase tokens directly using ETH in your web3 compatible crypto wallet.
  • Allows longer staking periods with much bigger rewards
  • you can connect your wallet to verify that you are a stake holder and earn rewards at Pasino.

πŸŒπŸ’‘ Real-life utilities of Feyorra

Feyorra in the utility coin of partner websites like FaucetPay and Pasino. So, by holding some FEY tokens, You'll enjoy special benefits there, including:

✨ Benefits at Faucetpay:

  • Reduced fees at FaucetPay exchange / swap
  • Even lower fees on withdrawals
  • Get 25% discount on all your advertising campaigns

🎲 Benefits at Pasino

  • Verify your FEY stake here on pasino and earn a passive income in all cryptocurrencies we offer!
  • Pasino is currently Sharing 0.10% of total volume wagered a day at their casino, distributed every 24 hours.

⛏️ How to mine Feyorra?

πŸ’§ Liquidity mining on Uniswap

  • You can become a liquidity provider at uniswap by locking equal amounts of FEY and ETH at Uniswap. Then you will receive rewards from fees which is deducted from every trade.

🎰 Wager Mining on partnered crypto casinos

  • By placing bets on Pasino.com and FaucetPay.io games you are automatically rewarded with Feyorra tokens. The process is called Wager Mining, and every $1 of cryptocurrency wagered on the games mines 0.07 FEY for you.

πŸ›‘οΈ Fully Audited Smart Contract

Feyorra (FEY) is an ERC-20 token published on the Ethereum blockchain. Smart contract for the token integrity has been audited, and it has passed all the tests.

Feyorra contract on Ethereum:


▢️ How to Stake Feyorra Using FaucetPay Wallet ?

Here's a step-by-step video guide for staking your $FEY tokens without any significant fees or minimum amount requirements:

Feyorra Staking Review - How to stake Feyorra tokens?

πŸ’ΈStill don't have a FaucetPay wallet?

Take your passive income to next level by getting your FaucetPay account right now!


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