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With P100, Manage both cryptocurrency and fiat money from a single wallet application. P100 offers non-custodial crypto wallet system as well as centralized banking system together, and allows you to seamlessly move funds between them.

What can you do with P100 wallet ?

While you have full control over your crypto assets, you can enjoy trading by placing a market / limit order, buying more crypto using your bank account, exchanging fiat currencies and transferring money to your friends at zero fees! read along for more details:

Virtual Credit Cards

Credit cards created using P100 are completely compatible with Apple Pay / Google Pay, while the card itself might not be physical, you can enjoy contactless payments at local physical stores by adding the card to your phone.

P100 Financial Services:

  • Personal Euro accounts
  • SEPA transfers & Debit card
  • Instant peer-to-peer transfers between users
  • Currency exchange
  • Up to 50% cashback on your transaction fees

P100 Crypto Services:

  • Self-custodial crypto wallet with unbeatable MPC technology
  • Buy, sell, deposit, and swap various cryptocurrencies
  • Multiple payment methods
  • Open Blockchain transactions
  • Place market and limit orders for buying or selling cryptocurrencies
  • Instant zero-fee peer-to-peer transactions between users

Other Features:

Get P100 points
Collect points and earn up to 20% cashback on all card transactions
and unluck different fee plans and enjoy up to a 50% rebate on crypto fees!
ZERO Fees for friends transactions
Send & receive crypto or fiat instantly to your friends at zero fees!
Special Bonuses
5 EUR for registration
100 EUR discount on fees
2.5 EUR for friend referral

P100 Wallet

Manage, Trade, Exchange & Transfer both crypto and fiat money

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