Top 3 faucets to claim in 2024

Top 3 faucets to claim in 2024
Your Guide to Free Crypto

Your Guide to Free Crypto

Looking to expand your cryptocurrency holdings without having to deposit something first? Your in right place! Crypto faucet claim options remain a useful and proven method to earn free coins. Today, we're going to introduce some of the best available sites offering faucet claim options:

#3. Firefaucet

This website is an auto faucet. It allows you to claim multiple different crypto, for doing nothing! Firefaucet internal currency is ACP (Auto Claim Points) that can be converted to crypto of your choice, or be used for auto claiming, which is slower but pays even more. Now, here are some unique features:

✨ Claim ACP Faucet

Get your free claim every 30 minutes, without any annoying shortlinks!

🆙 Levels & Rewards

You get activity points while interacting with this website, You get guaranteed bonus coins with each level up!

🔎 Additional ways to earn with Firefaucet

Other than absolutely free faucet function, if you want to increase your earnings, complete offerwalls / surveys, do shortlinks, redeem gift cards and click on PTC ads. Read our review about Firefaucet if you'd like to learn more.


#2. Earnbitmoon

A trusted choice for users seeking to earn free cryptocurrency. This one comes with a straightforward and rewarding experience.

🌞 Daily Bonus

Login everyday and get 10 free coins, which which grows +1 coin with each claim (up to 30 Coins), as long as you don't miss a day.

⌛ Every 5 minutes!

You get to claim faucet for free by roll a number every 5 minutes and get 5 to 80 coins based on your number. (Plus a chance to hit Jackpot)

🆙 Level up and multiply

Upon reaching a number of claims done, You get to new level, resulting in your faucet multiplier increased.

🎲 Games & Lottery

Feeling bored? play a few hands of legit games of coinflip, scratch a ticket and BTC price prediction! Also, you can join the lottery by purchasing tickets using the coins you've earned.

🔎 Additional ways to earn with Earnbitmoon

That's not all there is to it! Earnbitmoon website offers many free income opportunities including PTC, surveys, watching videos, offerwalls and exciting weekly contests, read our review to learn more.



A crypto faucet that continues to impress with its reliable claim system and enhanced earning experience, here's why:

⚖️ Provably Fair

Each roll is calculated using a provably fair algorithm. This means site cannot cheat you! You can always verify your roll using the java script based roll verifier.

😎 No-Captcha Mode

A very unique feature among faucet websites that allow you to spend a little of your reward points to roll without even having to solve a captcha!

🎲 Betting & Lottery

You can enjoy betting on provably fair Hi-Lo game if you feel like it. Wagering gets you free lottery tickets too.

🔎 Additional ways to earn with Freebitcoin

Read our in-depth review of to learn about other features and exciting contests here.


Not sure which one to choose?

In conclusion, it's up to you whether you prefer the simplicity of FreeBitMoon, the automation of FireFaucet, or the reliability of FreeBitcoin. Also, You don't have to choose only one, take a look our article about power of multitasking!


Visit Earnbitmoon

A Paying Crypto Faucet & PTC Website


Visit FireFaucet

Earn Free Crypto WIth this Paid To Click Platform


Visit FreeBitcoin

Claim Free Bitcoin Every Hour!


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So why wait? Start claiming free coins today and boost your crypto portfolio without any initial deposits or financial investments!

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