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BTC Faucet + Provably Fair Lottery is a trusted BTC faucet where you can multiply your coins many times, win lottery tickets and reward points, and cash out whenever you want.

Multiply Your Bitcoins and Cashout!

Right after registering an account, you are able to roll the wheel for free and grab some coins, but this website is not only a faucet, play with the free coins and multiply! - Free Roll

Provably Fair Hi-Lo Game

The platform offers an exclusive Hi-Lo game where you can play with free BTC claimed from the faucet and multiply it up to 4750 times. - Provably Fair Hi-Lo

Win Daily Jackpot

Top 10 people on the daily leaderboard will share the jackpot every 24 hours, with an approximate of 0.02 BTC in prize pool.

Provably-Fair Lottery

There is a lottery event running every 7 days with a huge reward pool. - Lottery Results

Points and tickets

Earning tickets for the lottery is easy and doesn't require you to deposit anything. Even if total number of your tickets are not so high, since the lottery uses a provably fair algorithm, it is definitely worthy to give it a try. As you can see in history section, many winners were uses who has just a few tickets in total.

  • By wagering every 0.00000500 BTC you get 1 free lottery ticket
  • By wagering every 0.00500000 BTC you get 1 free golden ticket
  • You automatically get 2 lottery tickets each time you roll free bitcoins.

Roll Free Bitcoins Every Hour!
BTC Faucet + Provably Fair Lottery

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