How to claim $SOUL Airdrop

How to claim $SOUL Airdrop
How to claim $SOUL Airdrop

What is CARV?

Carv is a platform which aims to build the largest credential and data infrastructure focused on gaming. It can provide you with tools to make money by sharing your personal data and also and providing games developers enough data to deliver personalized experience to you, intelligently.

CARV ID and .Play Name Services

CARV ID is the main pillar of this Data To Earn (DTE) platform, and it will be your permanent, personalized, and human-readable alias for your gamer profile blockchain addresses. More importantly, by getting a .Play name service domain, you will become eligible for airdrops when CARV launches its token.

How to join SOUL airdrop?

To join SOUL airdrop, you need a CARV ID Card, to get that you will need to register your personal blockchain domain name from .play name service.

Start by choosing a name and get your .play domain name & CARV ID

Start by registering your own customized, unique name as name, it wont cost much (probably a few cents if your chosen name is not very short). After registering your personal .play name, you will get the proof of ownership as an NFT minted for you.

Daily Mining

You can mine some SOUL tokens for free every 24 hours, right now these tokens are integrated into 4 different blockchains with different mining speeds and transaction fees:

  • Ronin (Gasless)
  • opBNB
  • zkSync Era
  • Linea

But don't worry! Ronin blockchain is completely gasless and doesn't cost you any fees and we can just stick to that one, its enough for what we are gonna do.

Screenshot (CARVE SOUL Drop)
Screenshot (CARVE SOUL Drop)

In the main screen, you can see your current balance, select blockchain network, and grab your daily SOUL drop. What is more important, amount of tokens you get by pressing that button depends on you mining speed, and you can easily increase that by binding as many accounts as you can to your CARV ID.

Bind some accounts

The more accounts you connect, the more SOUL tokens you get with each daily claim.

Binding account to increase mining speed (CARVE SOUL Drop)
Binding account to increase mining speed (CARVE SOUL Drop)

SOUL Challenges

Checkout this section for time limited tasks to earn even more free tokens. Tasks here are usually easy to complete, for example, playing 4 hours or more of any steam game can get you 300 SOUL weekly.

Referral program

First five friends invited to platform will get you a one-time prize of 1200 SOUL tokens in total. But, you also get 10% of your referrals earnings per day too.

Conversion Rate

$SOUL <-> $ARC Conversion Rate
$SOUL <-> $ARC Conversion Rate

CARV still has not launched its token, so it might be the best time to start accumulating some SOUL, You will be able to convert it to the governance token of protocol ($ARC) and turn it to cash, if you'd like to.

How CARV ID and grab your .play domain

By holding a .Play Name Service, you become eligible for airdrops when CARV launches its token.

Mint Your CARV ID Now
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