Top 3 VPNs For Casinos

πŸ”“Top 3 VPNs for crypto / bitcoin casinos
πŸ”“Top 3 VPNs for crypto / bitcoin casinos

🌐 Cannot access gambling websites from your location?

Based on your geographical location, some gambling websites might not be accessible to you. also in some cases that the casino itself is accessible, many games wont work and give you errors like "This game cannot be accessed from your country" which usually happens with third-party slots. The reason behind all these is either about Licensing or about legal issues.

License restrictions

Online crypto casinos have to obey some laws according to the licenses they have got. For example Curacao Gaming License forbids the casino to provide service to users from specific countries.

In some cases, for example United Arab Emirates, any form of online gambling is against the law, so even if the casino website and license provider got no problem to have customers from these countries, they might not be able to deliver the service.

How to bypass these restrictions?

There's nothing to worry about as you can easily bypass this restrictions using a VPN service. and we are here to provide you with some of the best VPN providers matching to your needs, plus some safety tips and advice to help you bypass the restrictions in the best way possible.

Is it okay to access a crypto casino using VPN?

When it comes to crypto casino websites, many platforms actually don't care if you are using a VPN to access their services. In fact, they might even recommend that you connect through another countries IP address if you are to ask their support. But on the other hand, some casinos are very strict about how users are trying to connect and forbid use of VPNs completely, so they might freeze your account or ban your access to their website if they are to find out the truth. So, its the best that you talk with support staff of your crypto casino to see if they are friendly beforehand.

How to NOT get caught using VPN at all

If you are going to use VPN to hide your IP address, why not do it like a pro? you can consider these tips to remain anonymous and lower the risks of getting your account flagged as suspecious either way.

Enable the kill switch

Some VPN providers got an option on their client applications which allow you to disallow any internet traffic unless it is going through the private network. so if by any chance your vpn gets disconnectet, it also kills your normal internet to prevent your ip address to get revealed.

Use static ip addresses

some VPN providers not only let you not only choose the country you want to connect to, but also allow you to choose the specific server in that country. doing this lowers your ip address flactuations in that country gives you better trust scores since the systems would think you are connecting from your usual same location.

Another safety tip

Don't withdraw too large amount of money at once, and do it in several smaller, more often withdrawals instead as it lowers the risk of triggering a KYC check.

Best countries for online gambling?

As of right now, some of your best choices include Canada, Lithuania, Mexico and Germany. You might be able to access the casino from other locations too, at least for some of the games, but these countries seem to have the most flexibility and freedom among the others.

Best VPN Providers

Here are some of the recommended VPN providers to access gambling websites easily and safely from anywhere in the world.

#1 CyberGhost VPN

Rating: 9.6

  • 45 Day money-back guarantee
  • More than 100 servers in 100 countries
  • Secure up to 7 devices at same time
  • No-logs
  • Kill switch, Split tunneling, Torrenting
  • Multiple obfuscation and leak protection options
  • SAVE 82%
    2 Years + 2 Months
    2.19 $ / Month

    Get CyberGhost VPN

    #2 Private Internet Access (PIA)

    Rating: 9.3

  • 30 Day refund guarantee
  • More than 100 servers in 91 countries
  • Secure unlimited devices at same time
  • No-logs
  • Open-source
  • Kill switch, Split tunneling, Torrenting
  • Multiple obfuscation and leak protection options
  • SAVE 82%
    2 Years + 2 Months
    2.19 $ / Month

    Get Private Internet Access (PIA)

    #3 TON VPN

    Rating: 9.3

  • Free 1-day trial
  • 10 Main Server Locations
  • Smart VPN protocol recommendation
  • Exclusive support for: Russia, Iran, Ukraine, China
  • Based on telegram bot
  • Play to earn free VPN!
  • Offers daily and weekly plans
  • SAVE 50%
    1 Year / 600 GB
    18 $ / Year

    Get TON VPN

    πŸ”Ž Learn More About TON VPN ...

    Introducing TON VPN, the newcomer in the VPN market making a strong first impression with its reliable and straightforward VPN experience, providing free trial and supporting TON cryptocurrency as its main method of payment.

    Let's have a quick overview of the key features:

    Fast & automatic account creation
    Account creation with TON VPN is extra swift and effortless, done within its telegram bot, and completed automatically in just a few seconds.
    Activate free trial with one tap
    No registration, no credit card needed, just a single tap is enough to get a 1-day | 50 GB account to test the VPN service for your self.
    Flexible pricing plans
    While TON VPN overall pricing might be a little above the average, in case you don't need too much bandwidth, the prices can be remarkably lower. Also, it gives you options to create daily and weekly accounts too, while most other VPN providers prefer annual subscriptions only.
    No restrictions at all
    Another unique and useful feature about TON VPN is its suggestion of best optimized VPN protocols based on your country of residence. So, you will get a fast, secure, and stable connection, specially if you are currently resident of Russia, Iran, Ukraine and China.
    Play to earn free VPN!
    You got a chance to win a free VPN account once a week, just by sending a bowling emoji to TON VPN telegram robot, just do a strike and you'll be awarded with 1$ in free credits!
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