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Binance Wallet is a non custodial crypto wallet which is provided as a browser extension. It gives you the ability to enjoy managing your private keys your self while transferring crypto from and to your Binance exchange account.

Reduce risks to zero

While having your Binance account in sync with your self-managed Binance Wallet, you can seamlessly transfer funds between them without having to worry about deposit address changes and or selecting wrong blockchain network. So, the browser extension helps you to make the transaction using lowest fees possible, and won't let you experience any error messages within the process.

Is it Custodial or Non-Custodial?

Binance's Wallet Direct is a non-custodial type of wallet, so any crypto stored on the wallet remains separated from your Binance exchange account which is a custodial one and needs you to verify your identity.

As many professional traders believe its better to have your crypto outside of exchange while you are not planning to make any trades soon, this tool is a must-have and saves you lots of time and effort.

Getting Started

Setting up Wallet Direct is very easy and similar to other self-managed crypto wallets:

Install the Binance's wallet browser extension.
Create a new wallet and save the recovery seed phrase in a safe place or import your existing wallet using the 12-words of your seed.
Log-in or Create a new Binance account if you have not already done so.
Connect your Wallet and Exchange together to have them in sync, seamlessly.

Other integrations

Additionally, Binance's Wallet Direct have built-in support for connecting with Wallet Connect compatible websites and decentralized applications which will make your crypto journey even more enjoyable and safer.

Important Notice

Binance Extension Wallet brand has been merged with Trust Wallet and will no longer be updated.

Learn more about Trust Wallet

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