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Bitmedia is one of the most effective bitcoin ad networks and crypto ad marketplaces out there. It provides you with very high quality websites to display your ads in an grow your audience. Also, Bitmedia marketplace offers special types of advertising including press releases and inside-application ads.

Ad Formats

Text Ads

Simple Text Ads, Let the words do the art

Bitmedia - Text Ads
Bitmedia - Text Ads

Responsive Ads

Allows you to build responsive ads by seperately selecting background and logo file.

Bitmedia - Responsive Ads
Bitmedia - Responsive Ads

Image Ads

Allows you to upload your set of banners in different standard sizes, get a quick preview and publish.

Bitmedia - Image Ads
Bitmedia - Image Ads


Allows you to upload your HTML5 banner, as a ZIP file which cointains all assets for your interactive banner.

Bitmedia - HTML5 Ads
Bitmedia - HTML5 Ads

All four type of ad formats above include a tool for creating UTM or connecting with google analytics. Plus a tool for language selection.

Customizing & Controlling Your Ads

Adgroup Types

Bitmedia offers 2 Ad groups which are based on pricing models:

  • CPM
    Cost per each 1000 views (Impressions), This type has higher priority in ad rotation system.
  • CPC
    Cost per clicks, You only pay for the clicks that you get but have lower priority in ad rotation system.

Ad Targeting

Other than filtering out using type of device, operating system, language and geographical location that most advertising platforms provide. You are able to set some additional options which are unique to Bitmedia:

Ad Rerun
You can set a cooldown timer on displaying your ad to a same visitor.
Type of IP address
You can choose to exclude visitors who use VPN or have datacenter type of IP address.


Bitmedia has a marketplace section where you can find some special opportunities to publish your ads in the worlds most popular websites and applications in the crypto field. However they also come with higher price than regular ad campaigns.

Here are a few examples of what you are able to find at the marketplace:

Press Releases

Bitmedia Marketplace

View Promotion

Blockchain Explorer Ads

Bitmedia Marketplace

View Promotion

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