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Coinbase, A Self Custody Crypto Wallet


Coinbase is a self custody wallet where you can securely store and manage all your crypto coins and tokens. And being self custody means only you have access and hold your private keys to your crypto money.

Wallet Features

NFT Management
You can send, receive and view all of your NFTs on Coinbase wallet within Ethereum and Polygon blockchains.
Built-in Web3 Browser
Coinbase wallet gives you access to DeFi apps within its browser and integration with wallet connect. Also, you will see a list of popular DApps in the browser tab.
Buy Crypto With Cash
Coinbase supports buying crypto with credit or debit cards within 90 countries.

Integration With Other Coinbase Services

You can easily connect your Coinbase wallet with other services provided in Coinbase platform. Here are some of other services of coinbase:

Coinbase Card

If you are a US customer, you can get a Coinbase card and link it to your wallet, this card can be topped-up with zero fees and is accepted wherever regular Visa cards are accepted. Moreover, each time you purchase something using a Coinbase card, you will receive a percentage of cashback as crypto rewards inside your wallet!

Coinbase Card
Coinbase Card

Earn Crypto By Learning

Coinbase platform offers Learn 2 Earn services where you can watch a short video about new sponsored cryptos and after answering a short quiz about them you will earn some of that crypto to keep for your own.

Coinbase Learn & Earn
Coinbase Learn & Earn


$5 new user first trade incentive

By creating a Coinbase account and successfully buying some crypto using fiat money, You will receive 5$ in Bitcoin (BTC) inside your Coinbase wallet as a gift.

Spin the wheel

After registering for a Coinbase account and completing KYC proccess, you can spin the wheel and get a random amount of USD or BTC between 3$ and 200$. (89% of times there is a 3$ - 5$ reward and 11% of times users will get a reward worth 6$ - 200$)


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