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Cointraffic, A Highly Targeted Crypto Advertising Network

Cointraffic is an advertising network providing effective solutions for all your crypto advertising needs.

Key Features and services

Cointraffic ads network has been working specially in cryptocurrency related field. and many popular crypto related brands know and trust this platform.

Cointraffic - Advertisers Network
Cointraffic - Advertisers Network

Only top level crypto websites as publishers

Your advertising will be displayed in Cointraffic partner websites which are highly targeted and handpicked to provide best effectiveness and quality. Here are some of the websites where your ads can reach:

Cointraffic - Display Network
Cointraffic - Display Network

Customizing & Controlling Your Ads

Ad Types
Coinzilla provides you with simple yet effective types of ads to choose from. including: Banner Ad, Press Release Distribution, and Native Ads
Traffic Types
You can filter out the traffic you receive by type of device (Mobile & Desktop) and Country
Budgeting options
You are able to set maximum cost for each click and set a daily limit of how much you spend as well.

How to get started

To successfully get your ads running, you need to do the following:

Create your first campaign
Design & upload banners and other creative media
Fund your account using crypto
Run your campaign

If you got into any trouble while getting your advertising ready, there is an account manager for you to have a chat with and help you get the things done easier.


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