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Coinzilla, An Advertising Network For Crypto Websites / Projects

Coinzilla is an advertising platform suitable for premium level cryptocurrency related projects. You can setup your crypto advertising in just a few minutes and reach thousands of potentially new customers.

Key Features and services

You can publish your ads on the top rated and well trusted websites and platforms related to finance and crptocurreny.

Some of the websites in Coinzilla advertising display network
Some of the websites in Coinzilla advertising display network

Advertising Campaign Types

Display Campaign
Some Classic and easy to use banners to catch attention of visitors.
Popunder Campaign
This type of ads open as a pop-up window behind the webpage that visitor is currently viewing.
Native Campaign
This type of ads try to look same as advertisers webpage original content or posts. so that viewers wont notice it is an advertising at first sight.

Customizing and controlling Ads

Coinzilla grants you with more than enough options to fine-tune your advertising campaign. These include different ad formats, targeting options, and getting a good analytics report in real time so that you could know if your ads are performing well or you need to change something about them.

Coinzilla Marketplace

If you got a big project to promote and you dont have problem paying higher amounts, You can make big waves within crypto community by special services offerd in marketplace. For example you can get your project advertised within MyEtherWallet application itself.

Coinzilla Marketplace


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