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CryptoTab, A browser that allows you to mine crypto


CryptoTab is a browser that allows you to gather cryptocurrency while you go about your regular things with your computer. Like when you are browsing web, watching videos and playing games, this browser can work in the background and gather some bitcoins for you.

Key features

Here are some of the things you should know about cryptotab:

Efficient mining algorithm

CryptoTab Browser has a unique mining algorithm that is both fast and effective. Also, it makes sure that your computers performance remains the same as before while you are working with it and it wont interrupt your daily routine work or entertainment.

Cryptotab - Efficient mining algorithm

Chrome-based browser

Cryptotab browser is built on base code of open-source Chromium browser from google. So, it supports the extensions that your already using with Chrome, and you can transfer your bookmarks and settings simply with a click.

Cryptotab - Chrome-based browser

Works across all your devices

CryptoTab enables you to check, monitor and control your mining operation from any of your devices. See the mining hash rate for each device, Start and stop the mining progress and manage your earnings.

Cryptotab - Works across all your devices

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