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Nexo is an award-winning cryptocurrency platform that allows you to earn interest on your digital assets, borrow money using them, and exchange crypto with nearly zero fees on an easy to use, beautiful application.

Nexo’s security and insurance

Nexo puts security as its first priority. The Nexo wallet application is actually a custodial wallet which lets you store and manage more than 60 types of cryptocurrency in one place, but without actually having them kept in one place!

The wallet application itself acts as a control panel interface and the actual crypto that you own is kept in the best way possible. This is done with help of Nexo's partners including Ledger Vault, Bakkt, and Fireblocks in a mixture of both cold and hot wallets.

Nexo also takes into account parameters like Overcollateralization, Risk Management, Insurance and Global Licensing to finally become a really safe option for holders to gain some interest on their digital assets. Profits might not be massive in amount, but they would be super safe and secure.

Should I Use Nexo ?

With a service record of more than 6 million users throughout Nexo’s years of activity from 2018, and a great rating of 4.7 at Trustpilot, this platform is considered one of the best choices, specially if you'd like enjoy services like:

  • Buying Cryptocurrency
  • Holding and managing your digital assets securely and easily
  • Exchanging your coins into each other with nearly zero fees
  • Gaining daily interest on your funds, without having to go through any stress

Key Services

Trading, Perpetuals and Swaps

When swapping DeFi tokens, Nexo app connects you with more than 10 liquidity providers to get you best rate and lowest fees. It also got a understandable user interface when trying to trade on spot market, even for beginners, and gives you up to x20 leverage on trading futures if you are a pro.

Nexo's Crypto Credit Card

Nexo offers a worldwide acceptable credit card, enabling you to connect your digital assets with a physical visa card and enjoy spending crypto anywhere that fiat money is accepted, while getting up to 6% cashback in crypto.

Rating: 9.7

  • Get a card for free
  • Annual Fee: No fees, unless you have not initiated any financial activity for 12 months
  • ATM withdrawal fee: 2.5%
  • Transaction Fee: 0% Domestic, 2.5% Non Domestic
  • Cashback & Rewards: Up to 2% Crypto Cashback (Up to 6% on credit mode) + Daily Interest
  • Dual mode: You can toggle between credit and debit modes.

  • Nexo

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