Notcoin Pre-Market is live! 🛒

Notcoin Pre-Market is live! 🛒

Notcoin Pre-Market is live on Getgems, it means you are able to convert your in-game $NOT currency to create Notcoin NFT vouchers, you can trade them in markets, and ofcourse, they are convertible to real $NOT tokens after token generation takes place.

Notcoin Pre-Market Vouchers
Notcoin Pre-Market Vouchers

You are the one who defines the price!

Its very important that you know $NOT price is determined by supply and demand. After minting your Notcoin vouchers, you are able to list them for selling on the market, and you might receive some offers from buyers. but remember, don't sell your vouchers for a price that you would not like Notcoin to have.

Don't sell for low prices!

Each one of you can be like a whale who can directly affect the price, doesn't matter if you are rich or not, because Notcoin has no investors, no pre-sales, and the only way to earn it is through playing the game, so rich people cannot get their hands on too much Notcoins, unless you sell them for low prices.

Is $NOT it minted yet?

Nope, Token generation still has not occured. However, you are able to mint Notcoin Vouchers in form of NFTs on TON blockchain. They are tradable on markets (Getgems for example), and they can be converted to real $NOT tokens after Token generation event takes place, which is likely to happen soon enough.

Still haven't started mining? ⛏️

Don't worry! its not too late, just start tapping and mine some Notcoin right now, its easy and everyone can do it.


Use our invitation & get up to 25,000 + 100,000 Notcoin for free & boost your start! it is enough for doing a few levels of tapping power upgrade, and have a powerful start.

Start Mining Now
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