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TON Poker offers enjoyable poker experience right inside the Telegram app and website. Enjoy different poker games with other players and earn TON cryptocurrency. Choose from free or cash tables, and join free-roll tournaments for a chance to win cash prizes without any costs.

TON Poker is a real poker provided within the Telegram app / website where you can enjoy playing different kinds of poker game with other players and even earn cash in TON cryptocurrency. There are both free and cash tables available to join, and also there are some free-roll tournaments for you to join and win real cash prizes without paying anything.


Playing TON Poker

You can log-in to TON Poker very easily, no need to provide any personal information, no registration, download or installation required. Just start the Telegram bot of TON Poker and you are good to go.

TON Poker Gameplay
TON Poker gameplay screenshot

Key Features

Here are some unique features of TON Poker:

Creating private tables

Other than joining cash tables and playing with other players in real time, you could easily create a fully private table for your self and invite only the people you'd like to play together.

Revealing undealt cards

The platform allows cash players to view the undealt cards when the game hand ends, right before starting the next hand. However, using this feature costs you some money.

Connecting your wallet

By connecting your TON wallet, you can access deposit and withdrawal functions without even entering any blockchain addresses, just one tap will do the work and there wont be any risk for things like entering wrong addresses or transferring on wrong network as your wallet takes care of these things for you, automatically.

User Interface

The Interface and gameplay provided is beautiful and friendly on all devices. You'll be surprised to see this level of graphics on a bot.

Supported devices

The bot can be accessed on any device capable of running the telegram official application, including: Telegram for mobile (iOS, Android), Telegram Desktop (OSx, Windows, Linux), and even Telegram Web (Any modern browser).

Deposit and Withdrawals

All deposit and withdrawals go through TON blockchain and transactions get processed under a minute. the games are played using USDT currency, so when you deposit TON it gets converted to USDT automatically based on real time market price, an when you are done playing and want to withdraw your winnings, you get equivaled amount in TON transferred to your personal wallet within a few seconds.

How to buy $TON?

TON is a cryptocurrency with a dedicated blockchain, The Open Network, which is built and managed by the official team of Telegram, the popular messaging platform. Many of you already got some TON inside your personal wallet, but if case you couldn't buy TON crypto, here is how to do so:

Buy TON on centralized exchanges

Most popular centralized exchanges support TON. Probably, placing a market order on spot market of one of centralized crypto exchanges and then withdrawing that to your personal wallet is the easiest and most economical way to get your hands on some TON coin instantly.

Buy TON on decentralized exchanges

As of right now, no so many DEXs support swapping TON with other coins and token between different blockchains (Cross-Chain-Swaps). But soon they will be available and listed here for you.

Buy TON on P2P Markets

You can buy and sell cryptocurrency from / to other users in P2P markets. It is done by creating ads or responding to other users ads.

Start Playing TON Poker

No registration, download or installation required. Start the Telegram bot of TON Poker and try a free hand of poker right now!


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