When will Notcoin be listed?

When will Notcoin be listed?
When will Notcoin be listed?

What is Notcoin ?

Its a (probably) great opportunity to start making money. you can mine it through its telegram robot and all you have to do is literally tapping on the screen!


Current state of Notcoin

Notcoin is backed by official team of telegram and Open Builders.
Open builders have already fund more than 16 million dollars to many different Web3 startup projects. Also, you can check out $TON (The Open Network) which is a stablished and working cryptocurrency of the same team and is a successful project. Notcoin is past beta testing and its currently at Phase 2 where everybody can mine it (For now).

When will Notcoin be listed on crypto exchanges?

Many BIG cryptocurrency exchanges are eager to be able to list Notcoin, and they already have made their squads ! You might find the social media post below interesting:

Exchanges competition


No one knows what comes up next, but its unlikely for $NOT to remain worth nothing!

How to start mining?

Players can start mining notcoin by tapping their screens and then upgrade their mining power by purchasing upgrades and earn even more.
All you need to do is going to 🤖 telegram bot of Notcoin and start tapping your screen.


Use our invitation & get up to 50,000 Notcoin for free & boost your start

Start Mining Now

Full Guide

Read the full guide to Notcoin here to learn how to make the most out of it.

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