Will Bitcoin Reach $50,000 by Early 2024?

Will Bitcoin Reach $50,000 by Early 2024?

From the beginning of this year to date, Bitcoin has gained more than 150%, and it is currently hovering around $41,000. Even though this is about 40% below the all-time high that happened in November 2021, Bitcoin remains a beacon of interest for many investors for sure. Right now, the question on many of us is if Bitcoin reaches the $50,000 mark by early 2024?

Halving Events

Bitcoin goes through a "Halving" event about every four years. And the upcoming Bitcoin halving, scheduled for April 2024, Taking a look into the history, this has always led to a huge price increasement a while after each event.

The development of Bitcoin

As Bitcoin infrastructure improves, such as payment processors and exchanges, it will becomes more and more usable for people in their everyday life. And this can ofcourse make Bitcoin go higher in price.

As Bitcoin needs only about 20% increase to reach 50,000 mark from its current price. Considering the current trend, and the history of bitcoin after each halving which always lead to price increase afterwards, reaching $50,000 by early 2024 is a target which is completely possible.

How to buy Bitcoin?

Here are some of the best websites where you can easily buy bitcoin using your credit / debit card:

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How to get Bitcoin for free?

Don't want to spend fiat money but want to claim / earn some bitcoins in your free time? here are some of your best shots:

CoinPayU, A Top Class Paid-To-Click Platform
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How to securely keep Bitcoin?

Here are some of the best personal / non-custodial wallets which you can store your coins securely in your own wallet and nobody can access it without your private keys:

Wirex, Wallet & Exchange For Both Crypto & Fiat
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