Earn Alliance

Status: Season 2 Started Difficulty: Medium Airdrop date: March 28, 2024
Earn Alliance Airdrop
Earn Alliance Airdrop

About Earn Alliance

Earn Alliance mission is transforming game discovery and gaming history into rewarding experiences and exciting opportunities.

How to participate in this airdrop? 🪂

  • Sign-up using your Steam and Discord accounts and get rewarded in token for your gaming hours, the games you own, and game servers you belong to.
  • Keep checking-in everyday and grab your daily chests.
  • Complete tasks and claim NFT Free mints. (Optional)
  • Redeem Your $ALLY tokens On March 28, 2024, open up your airdrops and get your $ALLY token!

Tips And Tricks 💎

That is the part where things get tricky! take a look at these items to boost your experience and get a bigger portion of the potential airdrop tokens.

Using upgrade tickets on chests

You can upgrade your chests using these tickets to get up to 1,000x more $ALLY tokens. However, to be able use your upgrade tickets to upgrade your airdrop boxes, there is a requirement which states you've got to already have claimed atleast one basic airdrop.

Earnalliance airdrop - Screenshot 1
Earnalliance airdrop - Screenshot 1

So, before claiming a basic airdrop, you cannot use your tickets to upgrade to premium and elite boxes. But don't worry! all you got to do is to install Earnalliance application on your mobile phone and log in using your account and tap on this one! after that, you are free to use the tickets any number of times.

Earnalliance airdrop - Screenshot 2
Earnalliance airdrop - Screenshot 2

Free daily chest 🎁

You should visit this website every 24 hours, go to the "Wall", and keep scrolling until you can find your daily free chest somewhere between the wall posts and grab it, just like the video below:


Earnalliance airdrop - Free daily chest

Earn Alliance Airdrop

Sign up using "BN9OQG" code to get +250 gold bonus!
Airdrop date: March 28, 2024

Claim Your Airdrop Now

⚠️ Update: Season 1 rewards has been dropped

Earnalliance Airdrop season 1 is completed, hope you have participated and enjoyed claiming your rewards of ALLY tokens. You can keep the tokens in your account until TGE (Token Generation Event) which is planned to occur in third quarter of 2024.


EarnAlliance - Proof of airdrop payment

Airdrop Season 2 is available to join ! Just use the previous links above! ☝️

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