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Gamehag Play To Earn Quick Guide + Promotional Gift

Gamehag is a Play To Earn platform which offers many different types of task to earn rewards. And the good thing about it is you can cash them out in Crypto! Here is a quick start guide for you, plus a promotional sign-up gift.

What you have to do to earn crypto?

Gamehag | Quests

Completing Quests

Quests are the main objective in Gamehag, there are various quests which you can do to earn both EXP (Experience) and SoulGems, Quests are usually things like winning a number of battles at an specific game, or leveling-up inside a game. but sometimes just registering an account for an specific game and logging-in is all you are required to do.

Gamehag | Offerwalls


These are tasks offered by third party providers partnered with Gamehag. You can see a list of providers along with average value of their tasks and average time that you might spend completing them.

Gamehag | Filling Surveys

Filling Surveys

Just like Offer Walls, but instead of various tasks they are just about filling survey forms. Here too, list of survey providers along with average value and required time are available too check out beforehand.

Even more ways to earn?

If you've already done that much and need other things to do, you can consider writing articles, reading articles and rating them, or talking with other members on forum to earn additional SoulGems.

What kind of rewards are available?

Gamehag provides you with many ways to cash out your hard earned money, inluding:

  • Paypal Payouts
  • Steam Wallet Funds
  • Prepaid Visa / Mastercard
  • Crypto Vouchers
  • Earn Web Coins
  • Random CD-keys at low cost

Also, some special offers from time to time for cashing out are available that you should check them out your self.


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