Free Copy-Trading Tools Free Airdrops For MX Holders 5-30$ Sign-up Reward
MEXC Cryptocurrency Exchange

A well known cryptocurrency exchange which is popular because of its lightening fast trading engine and nearly zero fees. Read along to learn the best features of MEXC exchange which you can use to improve your crypto income, and get to know the newest available promotions for this platform.

Available Services

  • Spot Trading Simple and secure platform for spot trades of all pairs
  • Futures Trading Available with 1-200x leverage
    • USDT-M Perpetual Futures using USDT as the collateral
    • COIN-M Perpetual Futures using crypto as the collateral

Key Features

Some of the key features of MEXC which can improve your trading

Launchpad Airdrops
Hold MX tokens to get airdrops!
Copy Trading Bot
Allows you to automatically copy what successful traders do.
Lowest Fees
MEXC offers spot trading with absolute zero fees, and futures trading comes for 0% Maker and 0.01% Taker Fee
Futures Big Data
On MEXC exchange, real time data about all futures tradings, positions and liquidations are available to all users.

Launchpad Airdrops

By holding specific amount of MX tokens in your wallet, You become eligible for receiving ongoing Airdrops which are announced in their launchpad.

How to participate in MEXC Airdrops?

Getting Airdrops on this exchange is quite easy.

  1. Become Eligible: Hold the minimum amount of MX specified for that airdrop.
  2. Asset Commitment: Your commitment of MX will not freez or lock it anyway.
  3. Token Airdrop: System will automatically distribute the airdrop based on how large your commitment of MX tokens is.
  4. Airdrop Result: You can always check out the airdrop results on "Reward History" page.

Promotion: 5-30$ Sign-up Reward

The MEXC exchange offers events and promos to make your crypto journey even more exciting. Just visit the events page from time to time and complete the tasks available there to earn the corresponding reward:

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MEXC Cryptocurrency Exchange

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