Mint Forest

Status: Active, Join Now! Difficulty: Easy Airdrop date: ~ Q2 2024
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🌱 Earn $MINT Tokens

🌿 What is Mint?

Mint is a layer 2 blockchain offering a well-optimized Infrastructure for anything related to NFTs. It aims to lower the gas fees for interacting with NFTs on layer 1 blockchains like Ethereum, and to provide a diverse range of NFT asset issuance templates and standards for developers and new projects to use. Mint testnet is already successfully launched in February, and the launch of the mainnet is scheduled for the 2nd quarter of 2024.

💰 Grow a forest, claim $MINT rewards

Today, we are going to introduce $MINT airdrop, as an opportunity to earn some $MINT for yourself while interacting with the "Mint forest" web3 application.

🌳 What is Mint forest?

It's very similar to Play-To-Earn platforms with a simplified approach. You need to plant your own MintTree, help your plant grow by injecting Mint Energy (ME), and then redeem it for $MINT in the future.

🌱 Eligibility Rules for MintTree

Who are eligible to get a Mint Tree and start helping it grow?

Mint Forest Airdrop - Eligibility
Mint Forest Airdrop - Eligibility
  • MintID NFT Holders
  • Mint Genesis NFT Holders
  • Users with an invitation code, just like yourself reading this post!

📋 What are the requirements?

Here's what you need to start the process:

  • A Web3 compatible wallet
  • An invitation code, Here's one for you: D1648D4F
  • A Twitter account with a minimum of 10 followers, created at least 1 month ago

🚀 How to get started?

The process to get started on Mint forest is easy and straightforward and it comes with a beautifully designed and friendly user interface which you will enjoy interacting with.

After getting the requirements ready, go to the Mint Forest official portal using this link.

  • Register an account and get your own unique tree.
  • Check on your tree every day to obtain Mint Energy (ME).
    (Not claimed ME expires in 48 hours, refresh time is at 00:00 UTC)
  • Regularly inject Mint energy into your MintTree to make it grow and level up.
  • Stay updated through official Mint Blockchain channels. The status of this post in BTCpromos will also get updated with more information once TGE occurs.

👥 Increase your earnings

By inviting your friends

You don't have the privilege to invite friends initially, but if you are consistent enough to claim ME for 14 continuous days or accumulating 20,000 mint energy, you can get your own unique invitation code used to refer other players and receive 5% of the ME collected by them.

By getting a free lucky spin

Sharing a post about mint on your twitter gets you a free lucky spin, up to 8000 mint energy.

Mint Forest Airdrop - Lucky Spin
Mint Forest Airdrop - Lucky Spin

🌱 Mint Forest Airdrop, Earn $MINT tokens

Join the Mint Forest and grow your MintTree today! It's free.

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