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Notcoin is an officially verified telegram app where you can mine Notcoins by tapping on a coin in your screen. Players can start mining notcoin by tapping their screens and then upgrade their mining power by purchasing upgrades and earn even more!

How to mine MORE Notcoins?

There are three main things that you should not miss:

Free Daily Boosters

Every single day, you get Turbo and Full Energy boosts, there is 3 of each available, make sure to use them all because they get reset when the day ends.

Purchasable Boosters

After collecting some Notcoins, you might consider spending some of them to further upgrade your mining power:

Energy Limit: Increases your max energy capacity.
Speed Booster: Makes your energy recover faster.
Multitap: You get +1 more Notcoins per tap by each upgrade.
Auto-tap bot: Automatically keeps mining for you, up to 12 hours.

How to earn even more Notcoin?

Other than mining, there are few other ways to accumulate NOT.

Completing tasks

Earn extra free coins by completing simple tasks like joining some telegram channels and trying out some featured Web3 projects.

Inviting your friends

As your friends move forward in the leagues, you get prizes too.

Joining our Squad

Squads are community teams of NOT miners. Any public channel at telegram is automatically considered a squad. Each squad comes with an internal leaders board, and we have some exciting plans for rewarding our top members in BTCpromos squad. stay tuned for more !


Use our invitation & get up to 50,000 Notcoin for free & boost your start

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