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PipeFlare, Play To Earn Platform

Pipeflare is a Play To Earn platform where you can create a stream of passive income by spending a little time daily. Here are the main tasks offered by Pipeflare to start earning free crypto:

What can you do to earn crypto on Pipeflare?

Claiming Faucets
There are 4 different faucets available to claim once per day absolutely for free. There is a separate faucet for each cryptocurrency of ZEC, Matic, 1FLR and 2FLR.
Login Streaks
Pipeflare offers a 28 days login reward which will go higher and higher each consecutive day that you log-in to your account. Just try not to miss a day because it resets your multiplier back to zero.
Reward Multipliers
There are two types of faucet rewards multiplier available at Pipeflare, Social and Referral. Try to complete as many as possible so that all your faucet claims would be multiplied!
As a member of Pipeflare, you can enroll in many airdrops with a sum of 1,200$ in value per month.
Play Games
By challenging other players and submitting one of the top records for any game, you will get your share from a prize pool of 500$ per week.
Pipeflare | Games

Referral Program

One of the best things about this platform is its exciting referral program. By referring your friends to Pipeflare, You will not only receive comissions and increase your Reward Multipliers, but also an special reward would be waiting for you.

Special Referral Promotion

By reaching 10 successful referrals, You'll get the following for free:

  • Five free spins worth up to 5$ each
  • 1 Mystery Egg NFT
  • 50 Free rounds of "Rock, Paper, Scissors" game
  • 1 Mystery Bonus Spin


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