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RollerCoin Quick Start Guide + Promotion

Rollercoin is a unique Bitcoin mining simulator game. You can play games to virtually mine bitcoin but get the mined crypto in your real life wallet! Here we would like to let you know how this is done and provide you with a promo to boost your start.

Playing games

In this Play To Earn website, You build and upgrade your virtual data center with in-game items, and every ten minutes, receive a share of a Bitcoin block based on the mining power you have got so far.

Here RollerCoin offers some minigames in pixel art style, by winning each round of any of these games you will get some temporary mining power for your virtual computer. By winning a certain number of games, your PC will upgrade to a better one.


RollerCoin | Wallet

Currencies and wallet

The in-game currency of RollerCoin is RLT. It is used to buy virtual miners and tools inside the game and increase your mining power. But when it comes to mining, you can mine different currencies and it's up to you to decide./

The Store

RollerCoin | Store

Any item that you would need to mine bitcoin is sold here in the store. So, from miners to mining racks, cables batteries and everything else is available for you to put it to work and mine more real bitcoins.


RollerCoin | Marketplace


The marketplace is similar to a store, but the items are traded between the players by themselves. If the item you got from the store is sellable, you can set the price and sell it. This can be useful if you don't want to keep playing and want to cash out somehow. Also, you might be able to buy items for a lower price here from other players like yourself.

RollerCoin | Task Wall

Task Wall

If you are still not satisfied with the money you get by playing the rollercoin game itself, take a look at the task wall and choose some tasks offered by the partners of roller coin. by doing so, you will get paid in RLT currency.

Special Promotion

Here is a gift from BTCpromo, Sign up using the special link below to get a no-deposit bonus of 1000 Satoshis. It's enough to buy your first miner for free!


Play To Earn Website

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