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Sandbox, Play To Earn Metaverse


Sandbox is a Play To Earn (PTE) platform based on Metaverse. Here you can not only make money, but also have some real fun time exploring metaverse and interacting with other people and join exciting social events.


What can you do in Sandbox?

Within the Sandbox platform, you are able to create your own gaming experiences, social events, blockchain-based assets and earn money from them. Also, you can join various events and earn crypto rewards while interacting with other people.

  • Play / Build Games
  • Buy / Sell blockchain assets (NFTs)
  • Join / Create social events

Create your character

After registering a Sandbox account, first thing to do is to create your personalized character. This is how you look in the eyes of other players within this metaverse world.

Buy / Sell LANDs

In Sandbox metaverse, each LAND is an individual part of the virtual world's map. These parts can be bought and sold by players, and by owning a LAND you get access to tools needed to create game / event experiences, the limit is your imagination.

These LAND tokens are limited in numbers (166.464 in total), and thatswhat makes them valuable. You can also consider buying a LAND and sell it for possibly higher prices in future.

Many BIG companies are already there!

As you can see, many reputable companies around the world already got their own piece of lands in Sandbox metaverse and they can use it to increase their brand awareness within both virtual and real world.

NFT Marketplace

The Sandbox platform got real fine NFT Marketplace where you can explore, buy and sell a wide array of elements including:

  • Collectible Packs
  • Avatars
  • Entities
  • Equipments
  • Land & Estates

or sell their own Assets to fellow participants. This marketplace serves as a hub for facilitating the exchange of valuable and unique digital items within the metaverse.

Start Earning Free Crypto In Metaverse!

Sandbox, Play To Earn Metaverse

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