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Duelbits crypto casino review and promos


Duelbits is another crypto casino that offers some special and exclusive in-house games. these games are made for this casino and cannot be found anywhere else. This review is about Duelbits Casino's key features and promotions to boost your potential winnings.


Champions League Final
Enjoy a risk-free bet of up to $100 in Champions league final. An Exciting football betting experience with potential of winning but without any risk of losing.
Duel Poker
A fast paced multiplayer live video poker. New rounds start every 15 seconds, played by two automated players. Play Duel poker to earn $5 bonus in "My Rewards" section.
Exclusive First Person Blackjack
Duelbits offers a blackjack game which is designed exclusivly for this casino. This game is live, multiplayer and without any without any waiting times for seating. You can even get multiple seats at the same time for maximum excitement.

Key Features

Remarkable features and games of Duelbits crypto casino:


Duelbits recently featured a provably-fair lottery. You get to select your lucky numbers for a chance to win the daily 20,000 Jackpot. Just match as many numbers as you can to claim your prize.

Matching Numbers Prize
5 numbers + jackpot number 20,000 USD (Shared)
5 numbers 2,000 USD (Shared)
4 numbers 15 USD
3 numbers 1 USD

Duel Poker

Duelbits introduces an exciting multiplayer live poker game exclusively available on this platform. Don't miss out and give it a try today!

Available Games

Duelbits offers a wide game selection, including:

  • Duelbits Originals (In-house)
  • Live Games
  • Slots
  • BlackJack Collection


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