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LuckyDiamond Crypto Casino Promotions & Features

LuckyDiamond is a crypto casino platform which is growing at a high speed and becoming more popular. We would like to provide you with some information about what special services this casino has to offer, alongside some of the best bonus and rewards that you should no miss them out.

Rewards & Promotions

Daily Rewards
By logging in your account, You can claim a reward which will go up in amount each day if you continue to do it everyday. However, if you forgot to do so one day, the multiplier of this bonus will reset to zero.
You can claim a small amount of crypto coins of your choice completely for free every 24 hours. The amount of each faucet claim depends on your VIP level, but its still a no-deposit bonus. Also, each time you make a deposit of 5$ or more, the amount for your faucet claims will get doubled for a week!

Special Features

You can exchange different cryptocurrencies into each other within your wallet inside the website of this casino.
There is a provably-fair verification tool available to use at LuckyDiamonds website. This tool works using 3 parameters of Client seed, Server seed and Nonce. However it is important to know Provably-fair algorithm is only applied to In-House Originals of the casino, not on the Slots or other games which are provided by third parties.

Available Games

  • In-House Originals
    • Dice
    • CyberDice
    • Keno
    • Limbo
    • Casino
  • Casino Live Games
  • Casino Table Games


A Fast Growing Crypto Casino Platform

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