Do Multi Shortlinks At Same Time Great For Advertising Faucetpay & Cwallet Integration
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MegaClaimer Review, Crypto Faucet & PTC Advertising Platform

🚰 MegaClaimer is a free crypto faucet that allows users to earn cryptocurrency through various methods, including 30 faucet claims per day, PTC ads, shortlinks, daily rewards, and more!

MegaClaimer Review - Crypto Faucet & PTC Advertising Platform
MegaClaimer Review - Crypto Faucet & PTC Advertising Platform

Completing shortlinks involves viewing 5 pages of ad banner collections. You need to click on 1 ad from each page to continue. Shortlinks reward you with significantly more coins compared to regular PTC ads but require more time. What's special about MegaClaimer's shortlinks is that you can now complete multiple shortlinks at once. With around 100 shortlink claims available per day, you can earn between 150,000 to 200,000 coins daily just from shortlinks.

MegaClaimer - Shortlink Page
MegaClaimer - Shortlink Page


Offerwalls is another way to earn cryptocurrency by completing various tasks, surveys, and offers. They usually include signing up for services and downloading apps and games on mobile phone. It takes about 24 hours for task to get verified as completed, but the amount of coins you can earn by offerwalls absolutely much higher than others.

MegaClaimer - Offerwall Page
MegaClaimer - Offerwall Page

📖Read Articles to Earn

You can earn 20 coins by reading each article or post from the official blog of the platform for at least 60 seconds. This is a simple and easy way to earn additional coins while getting to know the latest information about MegaClaimer.

📢PTC Ads

Visit advertiser websites for about 10 seconds each to earn coins. This method is straightforward and quick and needs very minimal effort. Also, you get to know about new crypto projects while getting paid.

🌟Advertise Your Crypto Project

You can use the free money you've earned on the platform or pay with crypto to run advertising campaigns on MegaClaimer. The ads are effective and not disturbing. Users are required to stay on your website for around 10 seconds to claim their bonus, but If your website is attractive enought, users may choose to stay and interact with it, because they are not forcefully redirected back.

🌍Limiting Audience

MegaClaimer's advertising service includes GEO targeting. So, you can easily manage where your visitors come from.

💰How Do Withdrawals Work?

The minimum withdrawal is $0.005 or 500 coins. And both FaucetPay and Cwallet are already integrated as the method of payment, so you can enjoy instant withdrawals with nearly zero fees.


Crypto Faucet & PTC Advertising Platform

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