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Pasino is an online crypto casino with an extensive collection of in-house games crafted exclusively for the Pasino brand. What is important is all of these games being unique and provably fair.

Bonuses & Promos

Here are some of Pasino promotions and free rewards:

By completing specific tasks on the website, you will earn achievement medals. When your collection reaches a certain number of medals, you will be granted with the related bonus. (For example, 1000 USDT reward by reaching 10 medals)
Pasino's exclusive crypto token (Feyorra)
Pasino has already deployed its token on the blockchain (Feyorra), This token has various utilities like ability to stake for passive income and you can earn them automatically as you wager.

Key Features

Not many platforms offer a lottery which is based on a provably fair algorithm. But Pasino is one of them! With each ticked selling at 0.1$ and a daily jackpot prize of 10,000 USDT for matching 6 balls.
NFT Marketplace
Pasino has established a NFT marketplace where you can both buy and sell Items like profile picture frame NFTs.
Easy Withdrawals
Pasino's payment proccessing system is integrated with the well-known "Faucet Pay". This grants fast transactions with low fees, Crypto Swapping and more importantly, very low withdrawal threshold!


A Crypto casino with a large set of in-house games

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