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Vie Faucet, A Free Crypto Income Platform

πŸͺ™ Vie Faucet, A Free Crypto Income Platform

Are you looking to start interacting with the world of crypto earnings without investing any money? Here's a quick review of what you can expect from this free income platform.

🚰 Claim faucet

Claiming faucet rewards is very easy on Simply visit the faucet section, solve a captcha, and you'll receive your free crypto instantly.

πŸ’Ό Complete Offerwall Tasks

On the offerwall section, you'll find a lot of tasks waiting for you to complete and earn crypto for free! Tasks are usually about surveys and app installations. And if you check newly available tasks everyday, you will find out some high-paying tasks that will boost your earnings.

Prefer easier tasks that get completed by a single, simple click on a link ? short links are the way. Just click on the link, wait until the timer reaches zero and you'll get some coins.
Altough they might seem small at first, but they can add up a significant earnings over time.

πŸ‘€ Click PTC Ads

Get rewarded for simply viewing ads with's Paid-to-Click (PTC) ads feature. It's

Are you a running a new crypto project / website? This platform got some cheap and affordable advertising options. Specially if you plan to reach audience within the crypto community to increase your brand awareness.

πŸ’° Payments and withdrawals

You can enjoy easy, fast and low fees for cashing out your earned money on this site. Some reliable and popular payment gateways including Faucetpay, CWallet, and Payeer are integrated right within the platform, so there's nothing to worry about after you've earned some money and want to cash it out.

FaucetPay Integration

This platform is integrated with FaucetPay Micropayment Wallet & Earnings Platform to facilitate your payout process and keep transaction fees at their minimum. Visit here to learn more.

Vie Faucet

High Paying, Instant Payments To Faucetpay and Cwallet

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